less: a new brand, a new idea

wow its really been some time hasn’t it. well in short, I am completely rebranding design that’s it, and will be forming the small beginnings of my strategic design firm called “less”. I’m also building a democratized media platform, “we”, and will be releasing details as I develop on less’s blog. stay tuned 🙂 Advertisements


I think its fair to assume that we live in a digital age. Almost everything analog has a digital derivative if it hasn’t already been completely replaced and forgotten by all together. Something that continues to bug me about all of this preconceived notion that digitalization by default is good no matter the circumstances. Yea, … Continue reading backwards


Its natural to want to over design. I think that much of the time the struggle of an artist and a designer is fought against their own creative obsession. You learn a ton of skills, you develop your own form of expression, but then you try your best to hone it and control it. There … Continue reading AS LITTLE DESIGN AS POSSIBLE


Hi crew! I want to update you all on what I’ve been up. Design That’s IT is fully in tact, but I am taking this experiment on a slightly new course. As you know, the site is predicated around showing off the most interesting accomplishments in design, tech, and business that I have noticed in … Continue reading NEW PASSIONS

Min or Naw

I’ve really enjoyed this journey with Design That’s It. I’m considered a slightly major design/brand change that might better represent what this blog is all about. I’m considered rebranding DTI to “min”…. short for minimal, or minimalism. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and I’d rather do it sooner than later. … Continue reading Min or Naw


Mirrorless cameras are quickly replacing traditional DSLRs in the professional camera industry. The power and versatility of today’s smartphone cameras have exposed Nikon and Canon’s lack of innovation. DSLRs just seem like big blocks of rubber and metal that can take slightly better photos than flagship smartphones (as far as the average customer is concerned). … Continue reading SONY a6300, A STAR IS BORN


VSCO is an Instagram for minimalists. Instagram is a great social networking idea. Its truly captured the generation of smartphone photography. But like all successful social platforms, its been infiltrated by the others. The others are people that have habits that do not align with the intentions of the platform. For Instagram, these are people … Continue reading VSCO


We are reaching a point of interest in the world of hardware engineering and industrial design. For decades desktop computers have dominated when it comes to advanced productivity. But the world is mobilizing and work is becoming less and less local. Desktops are also huge energy consumption devices, and a lot of people may not … Continue reading PERFECTION


Hey guys! I’m starting a serious called “Color”. Color is super important in so many aspects of life that I feel are overlooked. But specifically in regards to design, as we explore the depths of great design, I thought it would be great to tackle each primary color and the monochromes as it relates to … Continue reading COLOR: BLUE


“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  Milton Glaser Asus is among the many Windows hardware OEM’s that are beginning to invest more in quality design. The Zenbook 3, recently unveiled at Computex 2016, is an engineering and design marvel. It … Continue reading WOW DESIGN: 5


Hey everyone! I’m back from my unannounced hiatus. I apologize for the wait, but on the bright side, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately lol I know its clichĂ©, I did that on purpose. Recently news broke that Microsoft has just finished up laying off the last batch of Lumia engineers and designers from … Continue reading DON’T EXPLORE, JUST DO


Today is an exciting day for me because I get to write about my favorite 3D designer. His name is Dieter Rams, and he is arguably one of the top 5 most influential modern designers in the world. German born, Dieter had an unconventional introduction to the world of design. He studied architecture at Wiesbaden … Continue reading DESIGN ICON: DIETER RAMS


I mentioned in my CodeAcademy post that every seemingly mundane aspect of human existence is being smartized. Well, Helix Sleep is a perfect example of this paradigm shift. Not only that, Helix Sleep is placing a huge emphasis on quality design in the mattress buying process. Yea, their vision does away with mattress warehouse and its … Continue reading HELIX DESIGNS YOUR SLUMBER


Nothing is truly original. Everything piggybacks off of everything to some degree. The funniest thing about creativity is that its actually no more than good thievery masked as originality. The times when we catch our selves saying, “they stole that design from blabadeebla” only serve as evidence that whatever was been stolen was poorly implemented. Every curve, colorway, … Continue reading DESIGN GENE POOL


Hi all. This is the second installment of my AI series! If you haven’t read AI: Intro, you should hit that up before reading any further. It will explain the direction I am going in exploring advanced AI with you guys. Great, now that that’s out of the say. Lets get started 🙂 I wanna … Continue reading AI: WHAT IS HUMAN INTELLEGENCE?


For those of you who fear the inevitable robot takeover of blue-collar society, fear no more. You are a few free coding tutorials away from securing your place in the future employment economy. Hopefully you are reading this because you know that the world is becoming a supercomputer… Hopefully you realize that every mundane aspect … Continue reading CODE YOUR FUTURE: CODEACADEMY


Hey guys. It’s been 3 years sense I started Design That’s IT. I’ve had a fantastic time writing about the things that interest me the most in the design, tech, and business worlds. Thanks for sticking around through my unpredictable posting habits lol! I really value when people read these posts 🙂 So if you … Continue reading AI: INTRO

My Design: Exploration

Hi Guys! As you know I’ve been doing freelance design sketches for quite some time now. I decided that I should have a core philosophy to my design process. So I quickly made one to help guide my design process. Good design is: Beautiful Simple Useful Human   I am still looking over this methodology, … Continue reading My Design: Exploration

My Design: Noodling

I play the guitar. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog. But yes, I love music. I grew up, like most people my age, attending piano lessons and learning basic classical music. I was later introduced to Garage Band, and the piano became irrelevant to me. But I found solace with … Continue reading My Design: Noodling

People First Business

Hey guys. You may be aware that this blog is comprised of three different yet connected alter-egos. Design, tech, and business. However I’ve been a little low on the business end…. So I’m going to ramp up business posts. First off, I would like you guys to meet my favorite CEO in the world at … Continue reading People First Business

E3: Hololens and MineCraft are Insane

Hey Guys… Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are the days of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo hosted in CA. In short, its an event for the whole video game world to show what they have been working on for the past few years. I’ve tuned in to every E3 event sense 2008. I will post a … Continue reading E3: Hololens and MineCraft are Insane

My Design: Earbud

Bear with me guys. My passion for design stretches further then my sparatic commentary on D_T_I. I am actually trying to turn my passion for both design and tech and business into a career. And so I have been trying to refine my design skills for the past year or so. This is something I … Continue reading My Design: Earbud

Close for Comfort

Thank God for Google Drive. I’ve found another high school creative writing class poem. Enjoy 🙂 Inch closer And Cuff your cold hand around your nerveless ear Block the sounds from getting in The dark ocean whisperers its deepest secrets to you under oath the ripples are steady, but a storm is near says the … Continue reading Close for Comfort

Two Visits in One Lifetime

This will be a little unusual…. its a poem I wrote in high school. I just found it, and I love it. Enjoy.   I want three pancakes, no two pancakes, No….. I can’t wait to visit Grana, Afterwards we leave, we get pancakes. Dad said that Grana won’t be around for long, and That … Continue reading Two Visits in One Lifetime

Design Without Walls

How much more simple can a phone be? This is a question that I’m sure plagues any passionate industrial designer. In a sense, the constant goal of any designer is to further simplify on top of the design that was previously thought to be “autumnal simplicity”. I sympathize with a design team that is faced … Continue reading Design Without Walls

Drift away

I recently downloaded Inkscape, which is a graphical and vector design software. Its free, and I thought it would be a good first tool to use to kick start my design profile. Right now I’m just learning the basics of the software. Its surprisingly capable, and really fun. Here’s something I came up with last … Continue reading Drift away

Welcome to the Future

Do we only see a revolution after it has passed? This is something I’ve wondered time and time again. I am so incredibly fortunate to have been born a few years before the turn of the millennium. Sony’s Walkman MP3 player had broken barriers for mobile computing and the laptop would soon do the same. … Continue reading Welcome to the Future

Smartwatches of the Future: Apple Watch

I have been thinking about this post for a long time now, but I have been quite tied up the past few weeks. So much has happened in the ever evolving world of mobile tech: Samsung’s new suite of galaxy and gear fit products, Apple’s iPhone and Apple watch unveiling, and Microsoft’s Windows 10 to name … Continue reading Smartwatches of the Future: Apple Watch

2k Face Scans

2k Sport’s NBA 2k game series has continuously pushed the boundary of simulation gaming in almost every facet. Last year, with the introduction of the next gen gaming consoles, NBA 2k14 hailed as the one of, if not the most, impressive games graphically in history. What gave 2k14 an edge on all other games was … Continue reading 2k Face Scans