Art and Future

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. – Ken Robinson

I was engaged in a conversation with my roommate, a movie and film enthusiast, about the evolution of CGI and plot creativity in the last decade. We both came to a mutual conclusion that “Hollywood” has had just as much if not more of an impact on the future of advanced technology, and the reason for that is actually quite simple. Scientists and engineers, despite their creativity, abide by a set of natural laws almost subconsciously before they think of new things. For example, an engineer that expresses his aspirations of building a levitating smartphone to his engineering and scientist buddies might become the object of comedy for ignoring Newton’s law of universal gravitation. On the flip side, a movie director or digital artist would be praised for their boundless sense of creativity.

These are not faults of either industry, they just are realities that suit productivity and favor success within the respective fields. But this does not change the fact that both the tech community and the artistic community are integrally intertwined and inspired by each other. As I like to always explain to people, a geek is obsessed with playing and hacking PC games, and a nerd is obsessed with making PC games. They are different types of people, but they are one in the same in that they both are very passionate about the future of technology and entertainment, they just express that passion in different ways. And this brings me to one of my main points.

Art is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to scientific advancement in the 20th and 21st century. From touch screens, to video chatting, to invisible cloaks, a Hollywood film is much more likely to spark the imagination of Silicon Valley than silicon valley themselves. And that is for the reasons I mentioned earlier. As a technologists, I find it impossible to neglect good design and artistic precision in product development. Its too important. Humans are functional beings, yes, but we are also sensitive beings. We are, as people say “human”, which is a way of saying that we have feelings that are of the utmost importance. All of the STEM university courses that I’ve taken are bound by a certain level of proof, logical deduction, or evidentially supported theory. But even so, I have not yet come across a universal law of feeling. Art is the language of the soul… its the way we communicate ideas and share experiences. If you want to advance technology, don’t forget who will be using it. And with this, I hope you’ve gotten a glimpse into how crucial the relationship between art and technology is.

You will love this video. Pay close attention to the artistic detailing in these interfaces and interaction.

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