Nothing is truly original. Everything piggybacks off of everything to some degree. The funniest thing about creativity is that its actually no more than good thievery masked as originality. The times when we catch our selves saying, “they stole that design from blabadeebla” only serve as evidence that whatever was been stolen was poorly implemented. Every curve, colorway, edge, buckle, cuff, and finish has already been done in some form.

Despite this, design is awesome and fun. A great designer is also a great pirate. A great designer is one who knows what is out there and picks and chooses which things may work great with each other. And after that, he mashes them together that gives the appearance of originality. That is great design.

I haven’t seen the GS7 in person yet, but from what I can see, its beautiful. And i know why.

The iPhone 6 matched a slightly curved bezel and edges with a very sleek profile. I think Samsung liked this, and they tried to mimic that aesthetic for the GS6.

But they left the screen relatively untouched. The Galaxy Edge however remains unique in that it has almost 90 degree curved edges on its left and right OLED panel. For the GS7, the folks at Samsung really tried to push the envelope by designing the same general body as the GS6 but with curved glass on the front panel a la the iPhone 6s.

In short, the Samsung and Apple design teams have been procreating quite a big lately, and the results are beautiful. And as a side note, this is why competition is essential in the industry. Any self proclaimed pro understands that their creativity and performance relies heavily upon the existence of worthy competition. I love the design battle that has going on between Apple and Samsung as of late. I am interested in how Microsoft will jump into the mix with the unveiling of the Surface Phone later this year.



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